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Starch  Derivatives
Starch Derivatives are prepared by treating starch granules with inorganic acid. This is usually used to thicken instant desserts and also in pizza toppings. It also helps in prevention and cure of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity etc.
Sports / Ergogenic Supplements
Sports or Ergogenic Supplements are used in all level of sports. These supplements helps in improving athletic performance and helps building sportsman good spirit. Sports supplements includes various nutritional contents which are beneficial for our health.
Amino Acid
Amino Acid plays a vital role in our body as they are building blocks of proteins. Meat, poultry and eggs are the best sources of Amino Acid. This acid helps in preventing muscle damage, improve cognitive abilities and speed up healing.
Minerals & Trace Elements
Minerals & Trace Elements are essential constituents of body fluids and tissues. They also helps in formation of teeth and bones. Requirement of each mineral is different depending on the age and sex of a person.
Herbal Extracts
Herbal Extracts are the basis for medical treatments. These extracts provides various health benefits like lowering sugar levels, improving brain functions, boosting immunity and many more. They are also used in cosmetic industry as it possess the qualities of anti-oxidant and antiseptic.
Herbal Active Ingredients
Herbal Active Ingredients holds a crucial place in improving a person physical and mental health. They help to sustain blood vessel health and invigorating the large intestine. Its active ingredients are also used in skin care products.
Herbal & Essential Oils
Going back to the nature should be the motto of everyone. Pollution affects our body adversely so to cleanse it, treat in with our Herbal & Essential Oils. It will ease your stress and makes you feel strong.
Flavors Fragrances
Nobody likes a smelly person and nobody can refute that. Personal hygiene is one of the most attractive quality of a human being. You can be all ready and look nice but its equally important to smell good with our wide range of Flavors Fragrances.
Food additives
From matcha powder, transglutaminase to dimethyl dicarbonate, find a vast range of food additives here at A & Z Food Additives Co., Ltd. These are used in food industry for preserving flavour and enhancing taste and other qualities of food. 
Protective Suit
A protective suit covers entire body of the wearer and prevents the wearer from infection. This suit creates a protective shield for the healthcare workers and other professionals who work in a hazardous working environment from head to toe. 
Face Masks
3 ply face mask is a disposable type of face mask that can be ordered in any quantity. Our company produces face masks, which can be worn by health care workers and common people. 
In order to protect eyes from water, chemicals or particulates, one can wear a pair of goggle. Not just eye, this goggle will prevent the area surrounding the eye. It comes in one size and can be adjusted by the elastic band. 
Hand Sanitizer
Get a personal use hand sanitizer to regularly clean your hands and prevent yourself and others from infections. Germs in the environment enters into the body if you touch eyes, nose or mouth with hands that have germs invisible to the eye.