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Chitosan(CAS No.9012-76-4)

Chitosan(CAS No.9012-76-4)

Product Details:


Product Description

Name:  Chitosan

Synonyms:  Poly(beta-(1,4)-2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose); Poly(beta-(1,4)-D-glucosamine)

Molecular Formula:  (C6H11NO4)n

CAS Number:  9012-76-4


 For its nice appearance and excellent quality, it's the optimal choice for medicine, health care products and food. 
Chitosan is awarded as the 6th life essence for human being besides glucide, protein, adipose, vitamin and minerals. Chitosan plays an important role in the physiological activities. Widely used in the following fields: medication, health food, food, feed, cosmetic, color film, bioengineering, agriculture, sewage treatment. textile, dyeing, leather, dope, tobacco, plastic.

In medicine and healthcare field:  chitosan is widely applied for its multi-function of improving immunity, activating cells, preventing cancer, decreasing blood fat and blood pressure, adjusting blood sugar, fighting against aging and adjusting organism environment . In functional material field, chitosan can be applied in membrane material, carrier, sorbent, fiber and medical materials. In environment protection field, chitosan can be applied in waste water disposal, protein recycle and water purification. In light textile field, chitosan can be applied in fabric sorting, healthcare underwear and paper making additives.  In agriculture field, chitosan can be applied in feedstuff additive, seed disposal, soil amelioration and fruit refresh-keeping etc.  In tobacco field, for its characteristics of improving taste, non-poisonous and odorless burning, chitosan can be applied as tobacco slice glue. 


Product name




Food grade

Industrial grade


Off white

Off white or grey

Particle Size

Powder or flake 

Powder or flake 

Moisture content

10% Max

10% Max

Ash content

1.0% Max

2.0% Max


1.0% Max

2.0% Max

Deacetylation degree

85%; 90%; 95% Min

80%; 85% Min


30-3000 mpa.s

30-500 mpa.s





Packaging: 10kg / 25Kg

The viscosity is determined at 20°C with 1% chitosan in 1% acetic acid.

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