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Potassium carbonate

Potassium carbonate

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Name:Potassium carbonate
Synonyms : Potassium carbonate anhydrous
Molecular Formula: K2CO3
Molecular Weight :138.19
CAS Registry Number: 584-08-7
EINECS  209-529-3
It can be made as the product of potassium hydroxide's absorbent reaction with carbon dioxide. It is deliquescent, often appearing a damp or wet solid. Potassium carbonate is used in the production of soap and glass.
Pearl ash has been used for soap, glass, and china production.
Potassium carbonate is used in reactions to maintain anhydrous conditions without reacting with the reactants and product formed. It may also be used to pre-dry some ketones, alcohols, and amines prior to distillation.
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