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Chrysanthemum extract

Chrysanthemum extract

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Traditional uses:

1. Used for common colds due to pathogenic wind-heat, fever and headache:

Chrysanthemum is so light as to reach the superficies easily, so refreshing as to float up and slightly cold with the ability to clear heat and it is good at dispelling pathogenic wind-heat, so it is often used together with mulberry leaves, weeping forsythia fruit (Fructus Forsythiae), peppermint, balloon flower root (Radix Platycodi), etc., e.g., Sang Ju Yin, for the treatment of such ailments as common colds due to pathogenic wind-heat, initial attacks of febrile diseases, invasion of warm pathogens into the lungs, fever, headache and coughs.

Or, use chrysanthemum and mulberry leaves (dry or fresh) in equal amount, infuse with boiling water and use as tea.

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