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Sports / Ergogenic Supplements

Sports /Ergogenic Supplements are used by sportsperson for improved stamina, thereby for performance enhancement. Ergogenic Supplements are nutritional aid, (sports supplements), and performance-enhancing drugs that athletes and other sportsperson take to boost their stamina. A & Z Food Additives develops various formulations for the sportsperson to enhance performance and stamina. While preparing the formulations we pay attention to the ingredients used. There are certain compositions that are banned by FDA. Consuming those attracts ban or suspension for certain period. Hence, we make sure to use safe ingredients in our Sports /Ergogenic Supplements that are effective as well as harmless to the consumers. Apart from that our range is also reasonable in pricing.


  •     Safe composition
  •     Stamina and performance booster
  •     Harmless with no side effects
  •     Cost-effective
  •     Long shelf-life
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