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Sodium ferrocyanide

Sodium ferrocyanide

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 Name: Sodium ferrocyanide
CAS Registry Number: 13601-19-9
Sodium ferrocyanide, also known as tetrasodium hexacyanoferrate or sodium hexacyanoferrate (II), is a coordination compound of formula Na4Fe(CN)6 that forms semitransparent yellow crystals at room temperature and decomposes at its boiling point. It is soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. Despite the presence of the cyanide ligands, sodium ferrocyanide is not especially toxic (acceptable daily intake 0-0.025 mg/(kg body weight)[2]) because the cyanides are tightly bound to the metal, although it can react with acid or photodecompose to release hydrogen cyanide gas.
In its hydrous form, Na4Fe(CN)610H2O (sodium ferrocyanide decahydrate), it is generally known as yellow prussiate of soda.
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