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Product Description

 This extract contains the life essential properties of fucoidan, organic iodine, alginates and laminarin. Fucoidan is unique as the temperature during processing and production does not exceed 176° F. This is significant because unlike the other seaweed products available on the market which are processed as high as 212° F. Fucoidan retains it's natural micro-elements because they are not broken down by high temperatures. This makes Fucoidan the most powerful and effective seaweed product available.

Fucoidan is nothing else than high quality seaweed: Laminaria japonica without the heavy fibers which bind the nutrients and do not let them go easily into the blood and skin. One can see the difference between regular seaweed and Fucoidan which works many times better. Some people who take Fucoidan as a food supplement also use it to make masks on the face and body.

Fucoidan is pure Laminaria japonica extract harvested by divers from the clean, cold waters of the Ocean concentrated brown seaweed rich in nutrients, containing significant amounts of vitamins, alginates, fucoidan, iodine and more. Fucoidan is a very concentrated powder of the central vein of Laminaria japonica. Over 50 pounds of raw brown seaweed make one pound of Modifilan. With simple dried seaweed, the ratio is approximately only eight to one. The seaweed is not heated nor processed. Over 40% of Fucoidan is alginates, which are the perfect absorbers of dangerous heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt and radium as well as radioactive elements.



Product name


Test Items

Standard (Food grade I)


White powder

Water solubility




Loss on drying

2% Max


90% Max


15% or 85% Min


27% Min

Organic sulfate

20% Min

Alginic acid


Heavy metals

10ppm Max


1ppm Max


0.14ppm Max


0.42ppm Max


0.09ppm Max

Raw protein

14% Min


2% Max

Total plate count

1000cfu/g Max

Mold & Yeast

20cfu/g Max


30MPN/100g Max




Storage:   Stored in a dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life: Two years when stored properly in a well-closed container.

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