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methyl para-hydroxybenzoate
CAS number [99-76-3]
Methylparaben, also methyl paraben, one of the parabens, has formula CH3(C6H4(OH)COO). It is the methyl ester of p-hydroxybenzoic acid.
Methylparaben is an antifungal that is widely used as a preservative for food, drugs, and cosmetics. The compound is often found in carpules of local anaesthetic, acting as a bacteriostatic agent and preservative.
Methylparaben (also called Nipigin M, Tegosept, and Mycocten) is commonly used as an anti-fungal agent in Drosophila food media. Usage of methylparaben is known to slow Drosophila growth rate in the larval and pupal stages.
Methylparaben is readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract or through the skin. It is hydrolyzed to p-hydroxybenzoic acid and rapidly excreted without accumulation in the body.Acute toxicity studies have shown that methylparaben is practically non-toxic by both oral and parenteral administration. In a population with normal skin, methylparaben is practically non-irritating and non-sensitizing; however, allergic reactions to ingested parabens have been reported. Methylparaben can be found in many of the leading skin/face products.


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